Within the privacy of your mountain sanctuary, reserve a little time to be pampered. To indulge in a relaxing and revitalising treatment in the restorative hands of our exceptional healers and therapists is the pure heart of the Taman Sari experience. 

Choose from the many specialised treatments for both men and women. Treatments enriched by pure essential oils provide guests with a nurturing spa journey aimed at enhancing and promoting health and a feeling of wellbeing.

All beauty treatments and massage therapies are performed by fully qualified and professional therapist.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking prior to arrival by contacting Angela:

Phone: 07 5445 7778
email: angela@touchofpower.com.au

web:    touchofpower.com.au

Massage Therapies

Swedish Serenity

An integrated therapeutic/relaxation massage enhanced with essential oils and healing technics to ensure a blissful experience. Good for general aches and pains.

Duration - couples massage 60 minutes together, with essential oils - $235 per couple 

Cupid’s Garden
A calming back salt scrub prepares you for the deep relaxation of a full body Swedish massage with essential oils. Daytime dreaming!
Duration 1.25 hours for couples - $275 per couple 

Tranquil Mind Tranquil Body
Oriental remedial massage is geared towards achieving holistic wellness, focusing on the body’s meridians, or energy pathways.
Duration 60 minutes - $120

Sacred Body Retreat
A nurturing salt foot scrub and reflexology treatment followed by a rejuvenating massage with essential oils restores harmony to the body and releases stress.
Duration 1.5 hours - $160 

Cleopatra’s Secret
An exquisite synergy of acupressure and aromatherapy body massage, followed by a rehydrating facial and aromatic steam will lull you into a state of deep relaxation. Heavenly!
Duration 1.5 hours - $160

Photo credit - Anastasia Kariofyllidis

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